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The Full Story

Fit on Wheels is a workout booking service company committed to bringing workout sessions directly to companies and creating good vibes among colleagues. We are specialized in giving motivational group lessons on the location, thereby initiating sporting activities in your organization and inspiring your employees to have fun, enjoy their day, and become more productive.

Our goal is to work with clients to get their team out of their comfort zones without necessarily disturbing work schedules, inspire them to get interested in workout sessions and sporting activities and enhance the growth of the company through the operation efficiency of the employees.

To us, fitness is fun, goal-oriented, and passion-driven. We will help you become healthier and inspire you to stay fit.



To promote a healthy and active lifestyle among employees, thereby promoting their wellbeing and boosting their performance at their respective positions.



To allow colleagues to exercise together outside to minimize the chances of burnout by improving well-being and health at work.

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